Alla inlägg den 11 september 2008

Av Jonas Colting - 11 september 2008 22:51

Google Translator gör verkligen ett bra jobb! Vem har varit svenskspråkskonsult egentligen; Dr Alban?

Notes from the redaktionsmötet on planning for Saturday's sports broadcasts;

- Annika Sörenstam played his last Danish competition last weekend and we covered it. Now she will play for the last time in… .. Georgia. Send to which a reporter!

- Football. Do we have to have. If it is not an important match today, it is the day before or the day after. Nottingham, Tottingham, West Ham or division two south. Skit in which. Coming up on a football field, we shall be there! We are fotbollskanalen and pays Magnus Hedman his weight in hårpermanent and drinkbiljetter as the case that we deliver.

And it is the national team and we'll do long sweeping element with meaningless platitudes in response so as not to become too difficult for Svenne Banana on the sofa. Interview preferably Henke Larsson for this.

- More golf! People love golf! Somewhere in the world has no doubt struck a birdie, eagle, albatross, kisser or seagull. Maybe the ball met a seagull! Show it! Has Tiger made it? Tiger strikes a seagull? Well, send it to the middle of Nature and Hatte Furuhagen if he is still alive ..

- Football again. Meet with any fotbollshöjdare in costume. Preferably Stockholm. And use the inbred local expressions. It is quite OK. Aim at the height of the federation settled no jävel know what it is.

Skitbra; then, we have also pungslickat ourselves for the VIP gallery If SVT and the cursed Glenn Strömberg occupied the whole pressläktaren neck olive oil Lindeborg ..

- Tennis. Hausa up any bortklemad American who takes four balls against Rafael Nadal and call it "difficult drawing of lots in the first round." Does the more than two hours to call it maratonmatch and nominate him to Bragdguldet. But do not show when they sit when and lies fourth per tjugominutare.

- Football again .. People can not get enough of football! Show 29 goals from the southern German, Spanish, French and Danish league. And qualifying in South America and Indonesia. Skit in which. Only the ball. People love the ball!

- Trot and galoppreportage where Olle and Björn Goop does triangle with Legolas. Call it the Daily Double. Or perhaps triple….

- More golf, golf, golf! Ös on with golf. 36 elements of golf is better is 35. Now, we show long sequences of the sky with flying balls. Connect vädertjejerna and let Tone Bekkestad in bikini comment on the clouds and wind on ditto ball.

- Let Patrik Ekwall devote all week about the files on a really exciting chronicle in which he looks forward during the pile, and then may deliver some fantastic obvious evidence. Preferably about football. Or golf. Maybe Annika Sörenstam. If she is amazing. Amazing fantastic!

Then he can go get Café Opera with Dr. Alban and Björn Borg and sing "All of us"

- Exit ago to show twelve seconds short of the people who run far. Type marathon or so. And so should Peppe Eng skrockande comment on it by saying something like "yes damned, think about what they can find in these days he he he superstition superstition" Type. Since he obviously conclude with something like "that's it for us, tjener!" Nature.

- After the program can order the entire editorial staff collected and during the ill-disguised homophobic forms gruppkrama away our anxiety over that today's sports broadcasts again liiite was too narrow. Liiite for nested. For difficult for Svenne Banana. As just like ball. Yes, there is always next week to do better!

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