Alla inlägg den 26 oktober 2007

Av Jonas Colting - 26 oktober 2007 08:13

 Nedan är mitt inlägg på triathlonsajten

Någon hade gjort en intervju med en semi-känd triathlet som också är SEAL och sedan länkat till den intervjun på forumet.

Jag tyckte att det fanns några extremt korkade kommentarer som bara osade av amerikansk dum patriotism och jag tog upp tråden.

Nedan är mitt första inlägg med en formulering ifrån intervjun i kursiverad stil,

härifrån blir det bara värre!

läs forumet för hela diskussion "what I learned from SEAL David Goggins...."

With all due respect, the sentences below has got to be some of the most stupid things I´ve ever seen in writing.

Whereas Ironman and triathlon is an athletic and personal quest for excellence and achievement; the American military organisation trains people to, if I may be blunt here, kill people.

Whereas Ironman and triathlon enforces individual integrity and learning how to think and act accordingly, all the military systems I´ve ever known to exist, is strongly built on hierarchy. You get an order and you follow through without asking questions.

And with the past 40 years of American history in mind, I´m sure that no one in their right minds can say that there have been a good number of military operations that has had nothing to do with "peacekeeping" or "freedom fighting" or "war on terrorism" or whatever the good people of Washington is calling the current Iraqi-sitaution.

And as nice of a person as David Googins is, and I´m sure he is, having a hard-on for SEAL and military operations and considering it to be a viable alternative to triathlon for promising kids, is just appauling.

And yes; it´s "a growing industry", only as long as people sign up for it ans as long there´s an administration that chooses warfare over a working medicalinsurance and environmental issues, for starters. So sign up, collect the money and die in a foreign coutry for reasons that is so far-fetched that no one really understands why..A good alternative to racing?

"With the bonuses for SEALs at $40,000-$150,000 and first place prize money for the overall win at Ford Ironman Hawaii at $110,000 I had to wonder: If you were a good male triathlete in your early 20’s you understand winning Kona against the top pros is a long shot. Earning that $40,000 SEAL Challenge bonus is more of a sure thing that provides a steady job in a growing industry, military special operations."

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